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27 November 2017

As a result of the activities of the our Law Firm, the Court suspended the registration proceedings, the termination whose allow the implementation of the contested resolution No. 7/18/10/2017 of the General Meeting of Gobarto S.A.


Our Law Firm represents minority shareholders of Gobarto S.A., listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, in a dispute regarding to Resolution No. 7/18/10/2017 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Issuer of 18 th October 2017 in case of changing the Company Statute by granting the Management Board authorization to increase the share capital within the authorized capital and authorisation the Management Board to deprive in whole or in part the right collection of the minority shareholders with the consent of the Company's Supervisory Board. The contested resolution is authorized the Board of Gobarto S.A. to issue of shares with the exclusion of right collection of minority shareholders, creating the risk of marginalization of minority shareholders and even its "squeezing" out of the Company through so-called squeeze out procedure.

Steps taken by the our Law Firm on behalf of the minority shareholders group Gobarto S.A. led to the suspension of registration proceedings carried out in connection of the Resolution (current report No. 48/2017 of Gobarto S.A.), which should make it possible to suspend the adverse effects of the minority shareholders until the Court has considered the case.

The case is conducted by legal consuel Przemysław Biedrawa.,151900.html