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Forystek & Partners was founded in 1997 and began as a partnership of two firms: The Law Firm of Dewey Ballantine, which specializes in foreign law and The Law Firm of Forystek Góralczyk Rychlicki and Forystek Góralczyk Rychlicki Budzowska Fiutowski Jamorski. Beginning in 2003, the firm added new partners to expand its practice in size and coverage of matters.

Attributed to over 20 years of experience mainly involving large corporations (mostly listed companies and banks) as well as cases in respect of reclaiming unlawfully nationalised property (so called reprivatisation), and obtaining compensation for lost lands (including the Bug River property), our staff of over 20 lawyers is able to provide our clients with a full range of fast and efficient services, including tax-related issues, which are handled by our office in Rzeszow.

Our offices are located in the bustling metropolitan cities of Warsaw, Krakow and Rzeszow but our services expand to the country of Poland. We have long-standing relationships with additional law firms in the countries of the United States, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, and Hungary. Legal services may be provided in both English and German due to a multi-lingual staff. Additionally, we fully cooperate with highly reputable notary offices within Poland, as well as certified translators, property appraisers and other specialists.

Since the 90’s of the previous century we have received numerous distinguished accolades within Poland that have been cited in Rzeczpospolita, Book of Lists, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, Home & Market, and Monitor Prawniczy.

Internationally we have been recognized for our outstanding contributions to the field of law in Legal 500 and Legal 1000.Advocate treinee